graham-arnold-highvale-product-developmentGraham Arnold is my name and I’m the principal of Highvale Small Business Mentoring. My business background includes senior management with a number of multi-nationals, along with the ownership and and running a variety of small to medium size businesses. I have also contributed over the last 6 years working in a voluntary capacity as a Panel Member and Panel Chairperson of the Queensland Government Department of Employment,Small Business and Training Mentoring for Growth (M4G), Mentoring for Recovery (M4R) and Mentoring for the Pitch (M4P) programs.

Sprinkled over several decades of  business life, I have worked in a variety of managerial positions as diverse as: business & product development, manufacturing, logisitics, distribution, merchandising, marketing, sales -all the functions that make up running an SME.

I established Highvale Small Business Mentoring in 2013 to pursue my long-held passion of providing business expertise to mentor small to medium businesses to look closely at where they are now, and make decisions about growing, developing and hopefully thriving in a competitive market.

My ongoing regret is that I didn’t have the benefit of having a Mentor when I first ventured into business – the learning curve was more like a jagged cliff, and a “sounding board” would have made the experience much more rewarding.

No amount of text book theory can substitute for “real world” expertise that comes from starting businesses from scratch and understanding the operational, financial and time constraint pressures that small to medium businesses face on a daily basis.

My background allows me to work with client business owner/s to “climb inside the operational structure of the business to analyse, identify and provide practical advice to determine where your the business really is”. It also allows me to “Hit your Re-Set Button” and “Look Sideways” to take advantage of opportunities that you may have not recognised or considered.

This involves working with you to focus on your  personal, business and financial goals. This will determine a strategy that will best reposition your business structure to suit you by introducing practical advice to increase and maximize the business value.

Highvale can assist you to develop and refine solutions that will take your business to where you want it to be.

Contact www.highvale.com.au today to begin the discussion that can keep your business relevant in the marketplace