Marketing Strategies

Point of Difference

What makes your products or services so special? Are they  different from other competitors in the market?

The most important part of any solid marketing strategy is knowing what it is that you have to offer that makes that product or service  different or even unique, and then capitalise on it !

Unfortunately something “unique” is just that .. a one-of-kind.

Initial market research will provide the opportunity to identify the features and benefits that can be the basis for future marketing strategies. If you’re struggling to articulate concepts , Highvale can help.

Market Research

It’s never too late to do some market research and shift your plan of attack, but the best time to get a clear sense of the market is before either product or service  development or evolution. This can help you to compete strongly against existing competitors, and help to defend against future competitors.

Just because you think that you have something that is the “worlds next greatest” doesn’t always mean that it will be a commercial success. Is there a demand ? does it offer value for money ? what demographic should you be selling too?

It’s crucial to know your potential market, and basic affordable research should be undertaken to give you direction.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start – so start with Highvale, and let us work with you to find the golden egg!

market research golden egg

Marketing Strategy

When your market research has provided directions,  identified your product/s it’s time to put everything together into one cohesive marketing strategy.           This strategy is key to your product’s eventual success, so it’s important that you’ve thought through every aspect in the finest detail.

A good marketing strategy for either product or service should incorporate all the components – design, branding, presentation, positioning, pricing strategies, and concept evolution – that where Highvale can assist. Give us a call, or send us an email, and let us work with you on a marketing strategy that will meet all your long-term marketing goals.


Packaging Design

The way your product looks and feels on the shelf is going to have a huge impact on your sales… So what should it look like? What features should be emphasised? What colours should you use?  Might design and packaging features help you to stand-out from competitors?

A beautiful design is one thing – and it’s important! – but the prettiest box in the world is no good to you if it’s not helping you move your product. Start a conversation with Highvale early in the piece, and let us help guide your design decisions down the path that will bring you the biggest bang for buck.

Product Branding

One day, your product/s or services are going to help define your company, so let’s be sure you’ve named them right!

You need a name that’s memorable. You need a name that rolls off the tongue. You need a name that gives your consumer a clear and definite understanding of what your product has to offer. Maybe you already have that name… But maybe the name you fell in love with isn’t the one that really works for your product. If your consumers don’t love it as much as you do, it’s the wrong one – so what names work best in your marketplace?

Once you’ve found your name, you need to protect it! Are you sure your name won’t infringe on someone else’s trademark? Will you trademark your new name? Do you need to purchase a new domain name or website to market your product?

Give Highvale a call, and we can help you wade through the fine-print and protect your business .