Mentoring Solutions

Delivering Solutions through Mentoring

The definition of Mentoring : a personal enhancement strategy that encourages the sharing of known resources, expertise values, skills, perspectives and experiences.

Mentor knowledge is not just theoretical – it’s based on doing the hard yards, and knowing what it takes for a business to grow, to survive and to thrive.

cog wheels representing mentoring process

The focus on Small Business Mentoring for owners has to be *to effectively identify business challenges, *work together to address issues,*identify business directions,*define potential opportunities, *implement planning and *address business organizational structure.

The focus always has to be on the factors important to a business owner.

Critical to Highvale’s involvement is bringing to the table the accumulated knowledge that comes from having been involved in business development from the ground up, combined with business “real world” experience that includes:

  • Refining products/product ranges
  • Managing staff
  • Streamlining warehouse distribution procedures
  • Sales, merchandising & marketing experience
  • Management experience
  • Helping businesses to find their focus
  • Sourcing distributors, assessing existing distributors, improving distributor contracts, and relationship development
  • Providing mentoring, advice and strategies for Succession & Exit Planning

Apart from providing private mentoring to Small and Medium Businesses, the involvement also includes currently serving in a voluntary capacity as a Panel Member and Group Training Facilitator for the Queensland Government Small Business Mentoring for Growth (M4G) program, assisting businesses that are in a rapid growth phase, or with high capacity for rapid growth, to achieve their commercial potential.


Find out more about business development for SMEs, and how Highvale Small Business Mentoring can mentor your business to achieving your business goals.